Museum Gets New Name

Elmhurst History Museum’s new name and brand rolls out March 1

Changing from the name “Elmhurst Historical Museum” to “Elmhurst History Museum” may not seem like a big deal to most people, but to the staff at the newly renamed Elmhurst History Museum, it represents a new era in the Museum’s own history.

The transition to Elmhurst History Museum takes place starting March 1, 2016 and rolls out throughout the year as the Museum integrates the new name, logo, and look into all of its communication tools. The name change is a result of the Museum’s strategic planning process and is intended to clarify and strengthen the Elmhurst History Museum’s image and position in the marketplace. According to Brian Bergheger, Director of Elmhurst History Museum, the change is well-founded.

“Changing the name is a business decision that has been considered carefully,” Bergheger said. “Too often, the public has mistakenly identified the museum as a ‘historical society’ and they associate this term with institutions that are not open to the general public or are exclusively for members. While many historical societies have deep roots and serve their communities well, we are in the museum business and have a professional staff that fulfills our institutional mission to engage the public with history through collection, exhibits, and diverse educational experiences. Our intent is to eliminate any confusion and clarify what we do.”

Bergheger added that extensive research, focus groups, and professional consultation preceded this change. “An in-depth strategic planning process identified branding and marketing as critical goals,” the director said. “This name change is the first step in rebranding the museum for a new generation. We are excited to bring the new brand to life and look forward to continuing to build the brand in the coming years.”

As part of the rebranding initiative, Elmhurst History Museum will launch a new web site in June 2016 (the URL remains, and the new look will be fully integrated by 2017.

The Elmhurst History Museum is located at 120 E. Park Ave. in Elmhurst. For the latest exhibit and program information, please visit our web site at, like Elmhurst History Museum’s Facebook page, or call (630) 833-1457. For questions about the name change, please contact Patrice Roche directly at or 630-530-6874.