Kross gift kicks off Visionary Voices campaign

On September 23, 2013, many Heritage Foundation Board members attended the gift announcement by members of the family of Ted and Bob Kross. Also attending were members of the press, several elected officials, several City department heads, museum staff, and Jim Rogers, Director of the Elmhurst Park District.

The family designated the $70,000 memorial gift for the Visionary Voices campaign to raise funds for the new Elmhurst Exhibit.

Speakers included Mayor Steve Morley, Board President Gene Evans, and and Willis Johnson of Classic Cinemas and Board member Val Stewart, who are co-chairing the Visionary Voices Campaign Committee.

Ted Kross, who died in 2011, was a volunteer at the museum for many years and compiled family trees of many Elmhurst residents. This gift gives a great boost to the work of the Campaign Committee.